Maintaining Your Computer
This chapter provides basic information about maintaining your computer hardware and software.

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Caring for your computer

Here are ways to extend the life of your system:

  • Be careful not to bump or drop your computer, and do not put any objects on top of it. The case, although strong, is not made to support extra weight.
  • When transporting your computer, we recommend that you put it in a carrying case.
  • Keep diskettes, modular drives, and your computer away from magnetic fields. Magnetic fields can erase data on both diskettes and hard drives.
  • Never turn off your computer when the hard drive light is on because data on the hard drive could be lost or corrupted.
  • Avoid subjecting your computer to extreme temperature changes. The case can become very brittle and easy to break in cold temperatures and can melt or warp in high temperatures. Damage due to either extreme is not covered by your warranty. As a general rule, your computer is safest at temperatures that are comfortable for you.
  • Keep all liquids away from your computer. Almost any liquid can result in extremely expensive repairs that are not covered under your warranty.
  • Avoid dusty or dirty work environments. Dust and dirt can clog the internal mechanisms.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule according to the table below to keep your computer running at its best.

How to take care of Your Computer
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1. Keep your work area clean.

2. Save your work often.

3. Hold disks and CD-ROMs by the edges.

4.Close all progams before you shut down your computer.

5. Don't bring food or drinks near your computer.

6. Dust your computer and shake dirt out of the keyboard.

7. Keep magnets away from your computer and disks.  Magnets can erase information.